VOIMA is the result of several years of work experience. We believe that it is possible to offer the best design products at the best price without compromise and we offer them worldwide.


After several years of distributing one of the most creative French brands of cycling apparel through out North America, the team behind EKOI AMERICA has taken the initiative to offer an alternative (the French company EKOI to focus its operations in Europe). Dedicated to cyclists, triathletes and runners, the focus of VOIMA is to develop innovative and unique products at the cutting edge of design. Products which perform well and look great! 

Our ethos are to continually demonstrate that a range of products can combine both technology and beauty; that quality and panache can co-exist while still adopting a clean and elegant design style; and that quality can be delivered at a competitive price.

At VOIMA we seek to create products that represent significant value and provide you with exemplary performance when training or racing.



We believe we can be creative. We want you to love wearing the VOIMA products and be proud to ride and run wearing them


We working to ensure that the products offered are at the forefront of technological innovation while keeping our focus on what is essential.


We are consistently looking to offer the products at the best price. We are passionate about we do and we want you to enjoy our brand.

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